These #clouds doe…

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Pocket Princesses 123: Pumpkin Spice

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This is a critical question averagefury lmao

I haven’t noticed!! Probably do tho lol

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Mariette Valsan as ENCHANTRESS

model : mariette valsan
make up & hair : Chetan Karkhanis
styling : sushant panchal & Mehak Mina
concept & photography : sushant panchal
assistant photographer : Parija Shinde & Priyanka Kirve
jewellery : sia jewellery

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there is no one expecting dick to taste good though. i’ve never ever once met a cis dude paranoid about his genitals tasting weird or salty or sweaty or whatever. but of course pussy has to taste like fruit and whatever. OF COURSE. 

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? Money can buy


  • Independence and safety (not having to rely on abusive ppl, getting to control how you spend your time and money)
  • Experiences (travel, events, vacations, entertainment)
  • Health (medical care duh, good food, good location, reduced stress)
  • Opportunity (car, being able to move, having a safety net, “looking professional”)
  • Confidence (clothes that make you look good, things that make you feel good)

iunno that seems a lot like happiness

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deep conversations with open minded people are one of my most favourite things ever

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step on a crack, break your mother’s back, Lil’ Jon got the beat that make your booty go clap

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However, they are exceptionally badass

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uwaah I completely forgot about inktober today. here, have a last-minute sailor moon doodle

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